Marine Price List

Exterior Ceramic Coat $65 ft +

18 Months - 3 Years
- Hand Wash
- Water Spot Removal
- Single Stage Polish
- IPA Wash
- 2 Coats of Marine Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coat Vinyl $500+

- Vinyl Surfaces Prepped
- 1 Thick Layer of Ceramic Coating on all Vinyl Surfaces
- Repels Dirt, Mold, Mildew and Helps to Prevent Staining

Ceramic Coat Windows $200 +

3 year warranty
- Installed on All Exterior Windows

Ceramic Coat Tower $200 +

- Hand Wash
- Water Spot Removal
- IPA Wash
- 1 Thick Layer of Ceramic Coating on all Tower and Speaker Cover Surfaces

Ceramic Coat Trailer and Wheels $375 +

- Hand Wash
- Single Stage Polish
- IPA Wash
- 1 Layer of Ceramic Coating on Wheel Faces and Trailer

Prices may vary based on prep

Extra Prep Work

Two Stage Polish                                                                                              $12 ft +

– Hand wash

– Water spot removal

– Two stage polish

– IPA wash

Prices for prep work varies based on boat size and condition

Ceramic Coating For Boats

Many people have never heard of the ceramic coat process while others have. But many who are aware of this type of protection and sealant probably don’t know that you can have your boat coated as well.

From exteriors, to windows, mirrors and even the interior upholstery of your boat, having a marine ceramic coating applied to your boat will keep it protected from the elements. The main threats to your boat’s appearance are salt from salt water, particles in the air and especially and most commonly, oxidation.

Applying a Ceramic coating for boats can protect your craft against that dull, cloudy look that so many of us have noticed, plus it makes your boat look as new as the day you bought it!

Abrasion is the only method that can be used to remove this highly-durable approach to marine craft protection and there’s only one product that we trust, Ceramic Pro; which is the only company that makes an officially certified boat coating product in the industry.

Depending on what you need, we offer 3 packages that you can take advantage of. We can either apply Ceramic Pro coating for boats to the exterior of your vessel and above the waterline, apply it to the interior upholstery of your craft or seal the windows….or even all three!

If having the exterior of your boat coated, we will apply 2 layers of a product called Ceramic

Pro Bravo to the outside of the craft and above the water line. This has an 18 month warranty and will help guard your boat against oxidation.

The other package that we use which can be combined with exterior protection is our vinyl package. This process involves applying a ceramic coating made for boats in a thicker layer to the vinyl parts of the interior.

And finally, we also offer window protection; which has a 3 year warranty.

Depending on the condition of your craft, prep work may be required before getting to the coating process.

But we also recommend two things. 

1. You won’t need to use wax ever again, but do make sure to keep your boat regularly washed.

2. Although technically ceramic coating is permanent, slowly and over time, abrasion does eat into it. It’s recommend that you have, 1 new coat applied every 3 – 5 years, as opposed to your first 2 coats.

Over time abrasion will affect the benefit of the hydrophobic properties that a marine ceramic coating can grant you.

But before you think it’s just about slapping some ceramic coating on your boat and heading off to the lake, you should know that it’s not that straightforward. 

Knowing how and what to do, with a careful consideration to detail is crucial during the prepping process and before applying a ceramic coating made for boats.

This is where we shine and your boat will too!

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