Ceramic Coating Vs Wax
Explore the superior protection of ceramic coating versus conventional wax. While wax delivers temporary shine, ceramic coating offers long-term, robust defense against environmental elements. Unlike wax, which fades over time, ceramic coating establishes a lasting bond, guaranteeing prolonged UV protection, scratch resistance, and water-repellent properties. Elevate to the enduring brilliance of ceramic coating for a transformative and easily maintained automotive or marine experience.
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Ceramic coating vs wax have some major differences

What’s the difference between ceramic coating vs wax? Quite a few differentiators can be found. The videos on this page explain it very well, but in essence here’s what you should know:


Wax simply doesn’t last as long and does not hold up like a proper ceramic coat. Common waxes used such as bee, mineral, parafinn, synthetic and carnauba are not nearly as effective at water repellency as ceramic.


Car wax can further agitate the finish of your vehicle. It can actually grind in microscopic particles that you may have missed during the prepping process; meaning that everything has to be just perfect.


Ceramic coatings are much stronger, because they literally bond with your vehicle’s paint and are capable of becoming liquified or solidified; meaning that a ceramic coat becomes “one with your car”.


Ceramic coating vs wax is also stronger against UV exposure and even though a car wax can make your vehicle look like it just rolled off the lot; this appearance will not last. Whereas a ceramic coating will last many years, with minimal upkeep.


Ceramic coating products are also extremely hydrophobic, meaning that your vehicle will clean up nicer. Forget water spots! Wax is not nearly this advantageous.
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