Auto Ceramic Coating
Once a premium ceramic coating is applied, your car will maintain its shine for years. Whether it's a brand-new vehicle or new to you, preserving that fresh appearance is crucial. Our meticulous detailing process, paired with ceramic coating, restores the showroom's original look and protects it for the long haul.
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Our Process

Each vehicle entrusted to us undergoes a meticulous process to guarantee it receives top-notch attention and care, aiming for the best results. Our services are tailored precisely to suit each vehicle’s requirements. Whether it’s fresh off the trailer or in need of a refresh, our step-by-step approach remains consistent, ensuring excellence in every detail.



Upon dropping off your vehicle at Ceramic Coat Texas, our initial inspection entails using a paint gauge to measure paint depths and identify any defects or noticeable imperfections. We’ll conduct a thorough walk-around of the vehicle with you, discussing our entire process and addressing any specific concerns or areas you’d like us to pay attention to.


Wash Process

At Ceramic Coat Texas, our wash, clay bar, and decontamination process is a meticulous and multi-step procedure:

  1. Wash: We start with a thorough hand wash using premium, pH-balanced soaps to eliminate surface dirt and grime without harming the paint.

  2. Clay Bar: A clay bar treatment is employed to remove embedded contaminants, such as industrial fallout, brake dust, or environmental pollutants, ensuring a smooth surface.

  3. Decontamination: We conduct a decontamination process using specific products designed to dissolve and remove stubborn contaminants, tar, or adhesive residues, preparing the surface for further treatments or coatings.

This process ensures the vehicle’s surface is free from impurities, creating an ideal canvas for paint correction.


Polishing Process

At Ceramic Coat Texas, our multi-stage paint correction process is meticulous and designed to deliver that coveted mirror-like shine:

  1. Inspection: After the initial wash, we inspect the vehicle’s paint thoroughly, noting imperfections, swirls, scratches, and any other blemishes.

  2. Taping: To protect surrounding areas, we meticulously tape off edges and sensitive surfaces, ensuring no residue reaches plastics or non-paint areas during the correction process.

  3. Multi-Stage Correction: Our expert technicians use precision tools and compounds to gradually address imperfections. This multi-step approach involves leveling the surface, removing swirls, scratches, and restoring the paint’s gloss.

  4. Polishing: Each stage involves careful polishing to refine the surface, enhancing clarity and depth, ultimately resulting in that sought-after mirror-like finish.

This comprehensive process ensures a flawlessly corrected and stunningly glossy surface, free from imperfections, bringing out the true beauty of your vehicle’s paintwork.


Pre Coating Inspection

Following the polishing process, we implement a meticulous pre-coating procedure:

  1. Sunlight Inspection: We conduct a detailed inspection under natural light to ensure all imperfections have been effectively corrected and the paintwork is flawless.

  2. Isopropyl Alcohol Wipe: To eliminate any remaining residues or oils, we carefully wipe down all painted surfaces with isopropyl alcohol. This ensures a pristine, clean surface for the coating to adhere to.

  3. Steam Treatment: A thorough steam treatment of both paint and plastic surfaces is performed. This process serves to open up the pores of the surfaces, allowing for optimal adhesion of the ceramic coating.

This meticulous pre-coating process guarantees that the vehicle’s surfaces are impeccably clean and prepared to receive the ceramic coating, ensuring maximum bonding and longevity of the protective layer.


Coating Process

Our ceramic coating process is meticulous and designed for long-term protection:

  1. Environment Preparation: We move the vehicle into a controlled, dust-free environment to minimize contaminants during the application.

  2. Coating Application: Our process involves applying two layers of ceramic coating. The base layer creates a foundation, while the top layer enhances durability and protection. We ensure even coverage over the entire surface.

  3. Curing Time: Between each layer application, we allow ample curing time. This curing period is crucial for the coating to bond effectively with the vehicle’s surface, providing robust protection that lasts for up to 5 years.

  4. Comprehensive Protection: We extend the ceramic coating application beyond the vehicle’s bodywork. The wheels and windows are also coated, providing a comprehensive shield against environmental elements.

This methodical process results in a durable ceramic coating that not only enhances the vehicle’s appearance but also safeguards it from various environmental factors for an extended period.


Final Inspection

Our final inspection is comprehensive and designed to guarantee an impeccable finish:

  1. Thorough Evaluation: After the ceramic coating process, our team conducts a meticulous inspection. We examine every inch of the vehicle, ensuring the coating has been evenly applied and adhered properly.

  2. Specialized Equipment: To ensure precision and efficacy, we employ infrared lights for curing purposes. These lights aid in the final stages of curing, enhancing the durability and efficacy of the ceramic coating.

  3. Fine Detailing: Any last-minute touch-ups or detailing needs are addressed at this stage. Our team ensures that the vehicle is immaculate, with a flawless finish that exceeds expectations.

  4. Client Inspection: Before the vehicle is handed back to the client, they have the opportunity to inspect the work. We encourage clients to review the finish to ensure their satisfaction.

By combining specialized inspection techniques, cutting-edge curing methods, and a commitment to excellence, Ceramic Coat Texas ensures that the ceramic-coated vehicle leaves the facility in an unparalleled condition, exceeding showroom standards.

Why Ceramic Car Coating?

Considering ceramic coating for your car? It’s a smart move!

Picture your car looking as good as new while being shielded from environmental elements. Over time, things like UV rays, particles, and even oxygen can lead to oxidation and wear on your vehicle. This can result in those foggy, swirly patterns we often see in older cars. But fear not! We can remove these, prep, and seal your car’s body with an auto ceramic coating.

Moreover, we extend this protection to various surfaces like leather upholstery, cupholders, windows, and even mirrors!

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