What can be ceramic coated?

When you first dive into the world of ceramic coatings you may think that only a few things can be coated. That’s a common misconception.

We here at Ceramic Coat Texas have tested over 26 different coatings over the years. We know what coating works best, what materials can hold the coatings and what your best solution to your coating questions is.

We offer coatings on boats and cars, though we’ve done the occasional golf cart as well! The basic rule of thumb is anything canvas can’t be coated. Most other surfaces can!

Our typical offering for a boat is to coat the exterior, windows, vinyl, interior fiberglass and tower. That’s truly almost every surface!

For a car, we offer, exterior, windows, wheel faces and leather. If you choose to coat all surfaces, you’re protecting your investment in almost every area for up to five years!