Tige Z3 Detailing & Ceramic Coating

The Tige Z3 is a pretty popular boat. It’s perfect for a Sunday afternoon cruise on the lake and is an ideal craft for wakeboarding enthusiasts.  This Z3 has a slick-looking appeal and the owner wanted to have her ceramic coated.

We carefully cleaned and detailed the interior of the boat, which included wiping down the vinyl with an all purpose cleaner/all-in-one conditioner that we use quite a bit. We need to ceramic coat the interior of the boat, but for the gel coat we did.

But first we polished using a 2-stage method that we commonly use. For this process we may use a variety of pads for correction, but you’ll see in the video that we used a wool pad paired with our Rupes buffer. Polishing a boat is like an art. You have to develop a feel for it and use different types of pads for different kinds of gel coat blemishes and over the course of the detailing; step them down until they’re not even present.

Then an IPA wash is used to make sure that any foreign contaminates are not present on the surface. We want that gel coat nice and pure before we apply our ceramic coating and accidentally lock particles in, After this we ceramic coated the entire exterior with 2 coats of a marine-grade product that we like to use and voila! that’s it. Watch the video to see the whole process.