TESLA Model 3 Detailed & Ceramic Coated

The Tesla Model 3 is a car unlike any other. It can go from 0 – 60 in 3.2 seconds which crazy when you consider that this is an electric automobile. The battery charge is good for up 220 miles and it only takes 30 minutes of charging to prime the battery for 130 miles, that is if you get your juice from a charging station. At home it’s 30 miles for every hour.

The touchscreen display has all of the control you need with onboard navigation, Wi-Fi, voice control capabilities and even a backup camera. We could go on and on about how cool this Tesla really is, but let’s get to how we jazzed it up just a bit, actually quite a bit.

The first that we did for the Model 3 was to hand wash it. This involves a foam power wash, hand wash, power spray and decontamination in the mix. The de contaminant that we use pulls out any iron deposits that are in the surface. So before we coat any vehicle we really prep it to make sure it’s a clean slate we’re working with.

Then we claybarred the vehicle. Using our choice of clay, we carefully rub down the outside of the car, periodically folding over our clay into itself so we don’t re-deposit any particles. We want clean clay with every pass so we continue to rework it.

Then we used rubbing alcohol and gave the Tesla Model 3 an IPA wash for the final stage of preparation. We also detailed the wheels and prepped the interior. Finally what we do best. We applied 1 layer of ceramic coating to the entire exterior of the vehicle (clear coat, mirrors, windows, etc). But we also took it a step further and ceramic coated the interior, which included the leather, console, dashboard etc.

All-in-all a lot of little things went into detailed the Tesla 3, but as you’ll see in the video the results are incredible. The sun radiates from the clear coat so intensely that when I was filming this I honestly had to look away. It was making my eyes water. That’s how beautiful this car is and how powerful a layer of ceramic coating can be. Enjoy!