Super Air Nautique

Super Air Nautique G25 Marine Detailing

We love working on the Super Air Nautique G25 and have performed a marine detail on a fair number of them to say the least. This one, as usual was a sight to behold. For this particular project we carried out a single-stage polish, followed up by an IPA wash of the exterior and then ceramic coated the gel coat.

We also thoroughly vacuumed, wiped down and ceramic coated the entire interior including working on the tower. The windows received a special pre-cleaning followed up by a glass coating we like to use called Glassparency.

Overall, when we pulled the G25 out into the sun the results were spectacular. We’ve been detailing boats for a long time, but it never gets old to see the payoff of several days hard work. Check out the video above. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it too!