Super Air Nautique

Nautique G25 Ceramic Coat Detailing

We’ve detailed our fair share of Nautiques over at Ceramic Coat Texas, so this was no challenge of any kind to tackle. We first started by hand washing and performing a water spot removal, before we moved onto doing a single stage polish.

For the single stage polish the pad that we used is a wool pad made from real wool and not synthetic. This makes it gentler and perfect for buffering out microscopic swirl patterns. There are times when we really have to switch up the pads and buffers that we’re using to level out imperfections in the gel coat, but this one wasn’t bad at all so we stuck with prepping this boat’s surface with just the wool one.

Then we followed this up with an IPA wash. No not the beer kind,  the isopropyl rubbing alcohol kind. This rids the surface of any kind of impurities and these first few steps are essentially before we can actually ceramic coat a boat. Remember, if you don’t know what you’re doing, or you don’t first correct the gel coat then you’re essentially locking in all the imperfections with your ceramic coat.

After this was finished up we applied 2 coats of ceramic coating . We give it 4 hours between the coats and then let it set for 12 hours after the 2nd and final coat. We also cleaned and detailed the windows and detailed the interior as well; which involves cleaning the vinyl with an all purpose cleaner and conditioning the seat cushions, as well as cleaning out the cupholders and cleaning any storage compartments.