How To Clean Buffing & Polishing Pads

Today we’re in the shop bringing you another glorious how-to video for all of the auto and boat detailing enthusiasts out there. In this video we explain why it’s important to properly clean your polishing pads throughout the detail process. The last thing you want to do is keep using the buffer pad without cleaning in periodically and as you’ll see in this video we actually clean these pads quite a bit.

We use wool and microfiber pads for different jobs, but we always keep them clean. If you don’t you’re essentially working against yourself. For microfiber pads we use a Tornador Air Blowout Tool to blast the surface of the pad and get it prepped again to go back into action.

For wool we actually go old school and use a spur. We press this against the pad, pull the trigger on the rotary and let it work it’s magic. That’s basically it!

There you have it. 2 simple ways to clean either a wool or microfiber pad and remember that having the right tools and maintaining them appropriately is one key to success in your detailing business.